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Patrick T. Canan and the criminal defense lawyers of Canan Law are rated AV by Martindale-Hubble, the highest of any St. Augustine criminal lawyers. This rating assures you that the criminal attorneys of Canan Law maintain the highest standards for professional excellence and ethics. We will defend your criminal charge with all our might and fight for your rights!They?re your rights. We help you protect them.

Not All Criminal Defense LAWYERS Are Equal In Their Ability to Defend You:

?If you?ve been charged with a misdemeanor, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer with extensive knowledge of St. Augustine and St. Johns County courts. Even the most minor criminal charge can alter your life forever?... more >

?Felony charges are the most serious of criminal charges. Your defense attorneys need to work swiftly and aggressively to protect you from actions that can lead to incarceration, ruined credit and impair your ability to make a living. Don?t make the mistake of entrusting your criminal defense to just any defense lawyer. Check out the credentials and success rate of your criminal defense law team carefully?... more >

?If you?ve been arrested for a criminal offense in Florida, you need to know your rights. Was the arrest lawful and conducted in a proper manner? Your Canan Law criminal defense attorney will carefully review the details of the arrest record and your account of the police behavior. To help prepare for the best criminal defense, we suggest you review these excerpts from the The Florida Bar Information and Bar Services Department, reprinted here with permission?... more >


Canan Law attorneys defend persons accused of criminal offenses in St. Johns, Putnam, Clay and Flagler Counties. Canan Law includes several former state prosecutors who have the trial experience and expertise to defend criminal allegations of all types including assault, battery, homicide, kidnapping, sex offenses, drug offenses (trafficking, sale, possession), robbery, theft, worthless checks, burglary, arson, and traffic offenses (DUI, license suspensions).

St. Augustine Criminal Law Glossary is now available to assist you in understanding your Florida Court Documents.


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No matter how minor the charge may seem, you should be represented by knowledgeable, competent counsel, who can work through the criminal justice system, give you zealous representation, and minimize the impact of the proceedings on your life. If you have been accused of a crime, or if you know someone who has been accused of a crime, do not delay in contacting Canan Law regarding your criminal defense. Criminal Defense Lawyers St. Augustine!

Criminal Defense Lawyers St. Augustine - An Overview
Criminal law is the body of law that relates to so-called "public wrongs." Criminal law does not concern itself with disputes between individuals but rather to offenses against the public order. The federal government, along with cities and states, define and prosecute people who commit crimes that range from minor traffic violations to serious, violent offenses, like rape or murder. People who are charged with a crime are called defendants, and they are represented by criminal defense attorneys. The governmental body that pursues the charges against the defendant is represented by a lawyer called a prosecutor. Serious crimes are called felonies. More minor offenses are called misdemeanors. If you find yourself charged with either type of crime, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Canan Law, to protect your rights now and in the future.

The Defense Process
Every lawyer involved in the criminal justice system must adhere to a complex set of rules of procedure to ensure a fair trial. The rules apply to both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. This complicated procedure means that the criminal justice system is best dealt with by an experienced criminal defense attorney. A defense attorney should get involved in a case at the earliest stages, even before interrogation, if possible. The arresting officers have the obligation to inform the person in custody that he or she has the right to an attorney and the right to have an attorney appointed if he or she does not have the resources to pay for an attorney. Most of us are familiar with these warnings - called "Miranda" warnings, after the name of the US Supreme Court case that first required the warnings. Crimes committed by children are handled by a separate criminal justice system, known as the juvenile justice system. Juvenile courts typically have less formal procedures and a less formal manner of adjudicating cases.

Crimes May be Either Misdemeanors or Felonies
Depending upon the circumstances of the case, some crimes may be considered either felonies or misdemeanors. Serious felonies, for example, assault or sexual abuse, often refer to conduct that could be a misdemeanor. If an assault causes severe bodily injury, for example, it is often regarded as a felony. Simple assault that causes no lasting injury, however, is a misdemeanor. Similarly, while drug offenses usually are felonies, possession of a small amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor in Florida. Less serious offenses, such as traffic violations, are often prosecuted as misdemeanors, even though they may be felonies in some circumstances, or the most minor type of crime, infractions, in others. A traffic violation usually is an infraction if there was no collision, no one was hurt, and no property was damaged. The violation becomes a misdemeanor or a felony if someone is injured or there was destruction of property.

What to Do if You Are Falsely Accused of a Crime
Believe it or not, many people who are convicted of a crime and end up in prison were falsely accused. Although the American criminal justice system works in most cases, not all juries get things right and the consequences can be tragic. An innocent person pays the price for something he or she did not do, while the guilty party roams free. A defense lawyer at our firm can help you to navigate through the complex criminal law procedures.

Finding a Job After a Criminal Conviction
Employers have in recent years become increasingly concerned about knowing whether an applicant has a criminal record. Part of this concern stems from large jury verdicts that have been rendered against employers for negligently hiring a person with a criminal record who ultimately harms others, and the employer is held responsible. As a result, some companies conduct pre-employment background checks for criminal records and choose not to hire former convicts. Yet without the opportunity for future employment, how can those with a criminal record be afforded a chance to make a fresh start and become contributing members of society? Expunction or sealing of criminal records may be a solution to your problems. Consult a Criminal Defense Lawyers St. Augustine to determine whether you are eligible to get a conviction sealed, expunged, or legally minimized.



Criminal DEFENSE Lawyers St. Augustine

?There is no such thing as a minor criminal case. Your future hangs in the balance and depends on a first-rate, aggressive criminal defense. As a criminal defense attorney, I?ve helped hundreds of people like you get the justice they deserve. Check out our criminal defense qualifications and I believe you?ll want to give us a call today.? ? Patrick Canan


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